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Rooyin Sazeh Torkan
Rooyin Sazeh Torkan Company with registration number 3331 is a reputable company in the field of construction and facilities. It was established in 2014 and started its first project in the same year by constructing a six-story residential apartment building from scratch. The company’s goal from the beginning was to execute high-rise buildings with large areas and floors, which led to the company’s ability to execute various concrete structures with high floors and areas by increasing the required materials to about 4000 square meters of various metal and wooden molds. Additionally, the company’s use of industrial hall design and construction, design and construction of various metal concrete molds, large panels, and the import of various waterproof wooden and multi-layer molds increases its ability to execute high-rise metal and concrete structures every day.
By utilizing advanced technologies and employing an experienced and specialized team in the field of construction while adhering to international standards in providing its services, this company strives to provide the best services to its customers and achieve their satisfaction, which is the main goal of Rouyin Sazeh Torkan Company.

Phone: +98-9058706804

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Email: info@rooyinsazeh.com

Address: Western Unit – 2nd Floor – ZadShakooriyan Building – Esmayili St – Maragheh – East Azarbaycan – IRAN