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Rooyin Sazeh Torkan is an active consulting company in the field of residential, commercial, industrial, and military construction. With a team of experienced engineers and experts and over 10 years of experience in the construction industry, the company provides consulting services in the areas of design, implementation, and supervision of projects.
In terms of consulting, the company helps its customers in choosing optimal cost and scheduling methods by providing services such as basic studies, design, technical and economic calculations, and technical evaluations.
In the field of supervision, the company helps its customers ensure the proper progress, quality, and standards of their projects by providing services such as technical inspection, quality control, project supervision, and progress reporting.
With the experience and technical knowledge of the experts in this company, Rooyin Sazeh Torkan can be considered as one of the reputable and reliable companies in the field of consulting and supervision in the construction industry in Iran.

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